The Intelligent Fitness’ Personal Trainer’s Producer Course

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  • Personal Trainer Skills and Development Workshop
  • In Person Workshop

You’re Certified, Now What??

If you are ready to build a lifelong career as a Personal Trainer, you NEED this coursework.

Though many will attain a certified status as a Trainer, few will move on to become lifelong producers and build a career.

In order to become an ELITE trainer, you must understand the psyche’ of the consumer, be able to employ soft strategies

to demonstrate your professional prowess and convert a lead to a buy, and deploy a sensible training prescription for your

newly devout client.

Whether you are brand new to the industry or a blossoming veteran, the Producers’ Course(r.) will diversify your skill sets

and take you from apprentice to master: the ELITE standard that others use to measure their own standard.

What you’ll learn:

  • Various Sales Strategies using soft selling techniques
  • How to employ various forms to identify, evaluate, and convert a lead to a client
  • How to execute a detailed Fitness Evaluation that converts a lead to a sale
  • How to build great workouts that keep clients training for the next 20 years
  • Real world anecdotes, situations, scenarios that occur in the every day world of Personal Training
  • How to protect your career as a Personal Trainer through legal forms, releases, indemnifications, and client agreements

Who’s your new mentor?

Meet Phil Sottile.

  • 27 year veteran of the fitness industry:
  • Architect of many startup fitness companies, fitness franchises
  • Published author, Television show host, and entrepreneur
  • Applied Exercise Scientist / Adjunct Injury Prevention Educator
  • Voted Best Personal Trainer on Long Island from 2016 -2024
  •  Voted Best Life Coach on Long Island from 2017 – 2024
  • Voted 4x Best Business owner in the Fitness / Gym Industry on Long Island and 14 times as a “Best of Long Island Gym”

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The IN PERSON Trainer to Producer course is offered to ONLY 10 Aspiring Change agents per month.

This allows for the aspiring professional to get a powerful hands-on experience that goes beyond

the conventional video and manual course work and covers (with greater depth) the inside track to

success in the fitness industry

The in-person coursework also INCLUDES ONE FREE HOUR per month for 3 months of consulting, guidance,

and ongoing support AFTER the course to help you through hurdles, past challenges, and simply allow for

you to connect with an experienced Pro to discuss your unique situations.

To be considered for this Exclusive guidance, the Trainer must have a current fitness certification from a

well known organization, complete a phone interview, and answer an application questionnaire. If approved,

the candidate will be scheduled into an upcoming course date and based upon the availability of the applicant.

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