Stacey Lerman

I am Intelligent's Chief Operations Director for Club Management! HI!  My name is STACEY.  My husband and I own and operate INTELLIGENT FITNESS. Through a clinical approach of discovery and assessment, we work around the clock to help our EXCLUSIVE members attain their fitness goals and objectives in pursuit of a greater quality of life!

I have found the most qualified instructors who care about you and your personal goals.  Here at Intelligent Fitness, your success is my utmost concern.  In addition to my distinction as a Group Fitness Instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) I am certified as a National Academy Sports Medicine Fitness Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist since 2005.  I realize that you must not only have a class that you enjoy and helps you to reach your goals, but one that is instructed in the safest and most effective way possible!

Only the finest instructors are part of our “Intelligent” staff.  That is our secret. We interview many instructors for positions but only a few get an opportunity to join our staff.  Why?   We expect the finest and safest instructors that care about you and your goals!

Consider these perspectives about Intelligent Fitness:

  • Our Company, Intelligent Fitness, has operated for over 18 years and the founder has serviced the community for nearly 25 years.

  • Intelligent Fitness has been voted one of the “Best Gyms of Long Island” each year since 2010

  • We are the area’s ONLY fitness boutique that offers personalized “Group Personal Training,” in a clean, safe, professionally facilitated environment.

  • Unlike Public Gyms, franchised fitness centers, or fad facilities that seek to impress you with fancy equipment, rhetorical promises and overtures, and an overabundance of classes, we offer a wide array of  classes that promote original composition and fundamental philosophies of applied exercise sciences.

  • We constantly update, evolve, and change our approach and class complements according to the latest fitness technologies and the needs of our diverse clientele.

We are not new-comers nor are we fadists.  This is our career and we work tirelessly to always improve ourselves and our company.  We are experienced, seasoned professionals.  You will find our instructors to be the same; educated, hands on, and committed to helping you achieve your personal goals!

If you ever find that you have questions, comments, concerns, or ways in which we can make our classes better, feel free to email me at my address below and I will be happy to listen.  I am here to help!

-Stacey Lerman, B.S.,NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, AFAA-GEI, TRX-GSTC, PHI-PILATES, PRECOR Certified Queenax Instructor

Vice President – Operations. Group Fitness Director


I'm 75 years old and have trained with Phil every Sunday since 2001. He's Professional and knowledgable. His facility is sterile and clean. He's an important asset in my team of chosen medical professionals.