Phil Sottile

I am the founder of Intelligent Fitness.

I am the founder of Intelligent Fitness.  For 20 years, my mission has always been about you.   We have been recognized as one of the BEST GYMS on Long Island since 2011 and my wife and I are recognized as two of the BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS of Long Island.

Intelligent Fitness was formed in 2001 and is the ORIGINAL FITNESS BOUTIQUE on Long Island.  Others have now come to impersonate, duplicate, copy, or reinvent our business model.  However, our company is the benchmark, the trendsetter, and the drawing board of original composition. All others can merely imitate what we do and we are honored to be the reference that others use to create, cultivate, or develop their own business.  It is in this inspiration of others’ business ventures that together, as an industry, we raise the standard and get the most people exercising as we can.

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I have given every ounce of myself to the fitness industry since 1996.  It is your success that drives me. I punish fitness propaganda, myths, misconceptions and commercialized nonsense.  I often speak out against fitness charlatans that convince you that this will be easy.  Often times, the blowback is strong.

Speaking the truth gives rise to those who lack critical thinking or evidence-based research to challenge me.  That’s fine.  I can take it.

Through my skills, abilities, education, experience, knowledge, self-exploration, and constant evolution, I work to ensure our staff and company works to make a positive difference in your life.  I know we can help you to change behaviors that are detracting from your vitality and your overall quality of life.

It is you that makes me who I am. It is you that defines me as what it is that I am: A coach, A mentor, A trainer, A Philosopher, A Friend. I am all these things to the many thousands of clients with whom I have worked with for 20 years or the many people that seek me out through the web; whether they are looking for advice, guidance, assistance, or direction. Without asking for anything in return, I give that to you. Whether another professional or a client seeking guidance. I have chosen YOU above all else.

I believe in your success.  I devote every ounce of myself to that end.

I look forward to helping YOU succeed and becoming our very next success story!

Keep it Real!

‘Dr. Phil’ Sottile – Specialist – Applied Exercise Scientist / Adjunct Injury Prevention Educator
President/Founder – Intelligent Fitness, Inc.

Abridged Professional Background and Experience

1996 – Present

*Founder/Owner/Operator of area’s original “Boutique Fitness Center,” Group and Personal fitness training, consulting, studio
*Primary strategist for business’ development, market posture, and brand development
*Owner and Developer of company’s operating business copyrights, models, and procedures
*Developer of “look and feel” of website, interview process and mood assessment of customer  intake, and exercise program prescriptions and protocol of personalized fitness programs’ delivery.
*Copy Editor/Author/Creative Director /Producer of company’s television show, The Intelligent Way to Fitness – Cablevision Long Island; September, 2005 – Present
*Responsible for all aspects of Operations: overseeing daily evaluations, program setups, quality of program designs, reassessments, facility orientation, financial strategy, auditing, budgeting, marketing and advertising and all department heads.
*Interior Designer and General Contractor of East Northport Headquarters facility
*Creative director, choreographer, managing director of LONG ISLAND EXPERIENCE PROMOTIONS, – Intelligent Fitness’ Events’ Production Division (formed in 2003) that manages INBF Drug Free Bodybuilding shows on Long Island; Long Island Experience Show is largest drug free show on Long Island and turns out 1-2 Professional Athletes each year. Brought to Profitability in 2nd year.

2011 – Present

*ERGO-POWER(r.) Educator – Physical Aptitude Instructor to Con Edison Energy Company, “The Learning Center” – Long Island City, NY.
*Responsible for the education, testing, and qualification of General Utility workers prior to employment with the utility
*As Con Edison’s contracted healthcare professional, required to teach, facilitate and approve of a candidate’s physical qualifications and abilities prior to candidate accepting position in company’s Gas and Electric division(s.)
*Required to teach, demonstrate, test key parameters: Handle, set up, and ascend a 24 foot ladder, opening of a network protector door with required tools and equipment, descending/ascending a 15 foot ladder in a simulated underground electrical structure, safe use and handling of a jackhammer, and proper lifting techniques / handling of stray voltage meters, emergency extraction devices, 40lb equipment, street patch, etc.
*4-hourClinical Workshop Facilitator / National Safety Educator. National Educator of 4-hour Safety Clinics to large, diverse multi-national companies, such as Bimbo Bakeries, Intl, HP Hood Milk/Ice Cream Company, New Jersey/Pennsylvania American Water Utilities, United Water Utility, Stroehmann’s, Entemann’s, Freihoffers’, Sara Lee, Gen-On Coal /Oil/Power Generation Plants
Effectively communicate the cumulative trauma cycle, injury causality and prevention through the use of video, physical demonstrations and models, “hands-on” workshop drills and participation of students, and ergonomic assessment, risks, and problems solving drills with company’s managers, supervisors and employees
*Classroom instructor of 1 to as many as 45 company employees, managers, supervisors
Teaching of Skills and Behavior Coaching/Observation/Habits assessment to Supervisors and High Level management Personnel Education, Instruction, and Facilitation of knowledge to implement safe and effective use of stretching exercise and coaching of safety drills to Office, Production, Manufacturing, Distribution and service personnel of diverse companies
*Education, Instruction, and Facilitation of safe and effective use of bodymechanics for various commonplace home/job duties; such as sweeping, mopping, lifting, bending, raking, etc. Additionally, job specific bodymechanics/ergonomics for packing out, product placement, staging, lifting, dolly and rack handling (bread delivery routesmen,) loading/unloading/staging/product movement (warehouse shippers / receivers) tamping, digging, lifting for Field and Service operations technicians (water utilities,) and valving, shoveling, jackhammering, tool handling for Water / Electrical Utilities / Maintenance / Distribution Mechanics.
*Educated office personnel in the safety and sound bodymechanics required to prevent the development of repetitive injury syndromes, overuse injuries, carpal tunnel disorders, neck, shoulder and back trauma.
*Assessed and identified office workspace safety issues and volunteered ergonomic and biomechanical solutions
*Bodymechanics Risk assessment of Ergonomic conditions of warehouse, office, and mechanical shops

Professional Accreditation:

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine (1998 – )

Exercise Physiologist-C – American College of Sports Medicine (2000 –   )

Certified Fitness Trainer – Int’l Sports Science Association (1997 –   )

Certified Exercise Therapist- Int’l Sports Science Association (1997 –   )

Certified Personal Trainer – Nat’l Strength and Conditioning Association (2000 –   )

Certified Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist- AAHFRP (2000 –   )

Certified Heart Saver / AED – American Heart Association.

Subject Matter Expert – Academy of Applied Personal Training Education Hofstra University (2014 –     )

Subject Matter Expert –  L.I. BOSCES Technical Schools –  Personal Training Curriculum Development  (2006 –    )

I'm 75 years old and have trained with Phil every Sunday since 2001. He's Professional and knowledgable. His facility is sterile and clean. He's an important asset in my team of chosen medical professionals.