The ELITE Team of INTELLIGENT Instructors

Elite (|əˈlēt, āˈlēt|)
1. a group of people considered (by others or themselves) to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth: the wealthy, educated elite | [ as modifier ] : an elite combat force.

Our members like consistency as much as they value experience.  Each one of our Intelligent Fitness instructors has been a dedicated member of the team for (on average) 7 years or more.  That means that a member of our center is exposed to an experienced, educated teacher and a dedicated representative of our company mission statement, “One body at a time!”

“THE ELITE TEAM“: Intelligent Fitness’ Collection of Dedicated and Experienced Instructors, Delegates, and Advisors’ goal, aim, objective, mission, and desired outcome is to improve your OVERALL quality of life.  This lean team of hand-picked, seasoned veterans in the health/fitness/business/wellness care industries will work to ensure your fitness experience is pleasant, safe, and exciting.

Do not take our word for it. Allow us to prove it and you too will join a hand-picked culture of EXCLUSIVE members who enjoy the talent, character, honor, and integrity of this most special group of dedicated instructors!

  • Maria Maikowski

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Denice Ponce

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Michelle Frieder

    Michelle has been an Intelligent Fitness member mainstay for many years. She has always had a passion for fitness and challenging herself. After getting Madd Dogg certified, she taught spin for several years. She took a break to focus on her family, and realized how much she missed it, and was ready to get back in the saddle as an instructor! Always wanting to learn and grow, during the quarantine, she worked towards her ISSA personal training certification and will also be adding a certification in Nutrition. Michelle looks forward to being able to share her passion for fitness while helping others achieve their fitness goals and work towards a healthier self!

  • Nicholas Volpe

    Nick wields 19 years of combined experience in the health and fitness sciences, ranging from his background and education in Food Healing, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, and Individualized Instruction.

  • Edwin Santiago

    Edwin is our resident Training Instructor and leverages an extensive professional teaching and semi-professional sports background in his applied techniques to improve one's health and wellness.

  • Phil Sottile

    I am the founder of Intelligent Fitness. I wield a mastery and command of the applied fitness sciences and have tirelessly worked as an entrepreneur and teacher of better lifestyle behaviors since 1994.

  • Nicole Waters

    Meet the Professor Emeritus of our Spinning program. Since 2009, Nicole has been guiding our clients with unique precision and calculated measure; no different than her self-employed ventures of interior design.  Let someone who KNOWS how to promote unique beauty guide you through exciting music, challenging beats, and a ride that will make your head SPIN!

  • Stacey Lerman

    I am Intelligent's Chief Operations Director for Club Management! HI!  My name is STACEY.  My husband and I own and operate INTELLIGENT FITNESS. Through a clinical approach of discovery and assessment, we work around the clock to help our EXCLUSIVE members attain their fitness goals and objectives in pursuit of a greater quality of life!

Intelligent Fitness: "Since 2008, it's my home away from home!" I.F. is a family owned business whose objective is for their "family" to achieve results.  Their hand picked clients meet with similar goals, objectives, and interests.  The well trained staff is always available.  Excellent!