Class Descriptions

  • Strong-n-Firm (45)

    This fast-paced class is the advanced version of our Strong and Firm approach. This higher intensity approach embraces safety and specificity, combines strength training with intervals of cardio, and gets you out the door in 45 minutes! All the benefits of becoming "Strong-n-Firm" for the time-conscious consumer.

  • Strong-n-Firm (60)

    Strong-n-Firm is our signature class that encompasses our proprietary approach to strength and total body conditioning. It is a 60-minute experience that targets all major and assisting muscle groups by including basic strength training exercises combined with intervals of various cardiovascular modalities. There is added abdominal and lower back work to improve posture and shore up trunk ("core") stability and a cool-down flexibility component that aims to slow down the aging process while improving the health and vitality of joints and lean tissue. Strong-n-Firm is a safe and effective workout for the beginner and individually tailored to progress the advanced client.

  • Abs+Stretch

    100% abdominal! We not only take your abs through a gut-busting, mid-line slimming workout, we also target the lumbar spine, glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings. We spend 30 minutes of concentrated work on your core stability and invest 15 minutes into a diverse flexibility component that improves your rest and recovery.

  • What is Queenax Functional Fitness??

    The Queenax is the world's most unique functional and suspension fitness training system! Queenax was founded in 2010 by Mauro Scaramucci, an Italian Fitness equipment inventor. (Yes, we got the Ferrari of fitness equipment! ) In 2015,  Queenax joined Precor, who then developed the educational programs for the Queenax. It multiplies the training space within the facility. It uses a highly adaptable, modular design to accommodate existing and future training needs. It is uniquely flexible, it can be reconfigured for personal training, small group, circuit and group exercise classes.

  • Solo Circuit

    The Solo-Circuit is our proprietary approach to Circuit and Cross training and largely relies upon the advanced suspension training apparatus called the Queenax Functional Fitness System. Each class is unique and tailored {that day based upon the attending clientele} and includes a variety of cardiovascular, weight training, and suspension training stations. Experience all of the strength and conditioning benefits to circuit training in a uniquely prescribed, safe and effective way.

  • SuperFunctional-TRX

    This 50-minute class is based on Suspension Fitness Training and is one of its kind on Long Island. We combine the TRX approach with the Queenax Suspension Training apparatus to diversify your experience in suspension based fitness training. This experience is unique and can only be found at Intelligent Fitness! This class focuses on total-body strength and endurance, drives up cardiovascular conditioning and enhances glucose metabolism, and improves one's overall wellness through a concerted approach to cool-down flexibility.

  • Cycle+Arms+Abs

    This is a 60 minute class that's a 30/ 30 mix. It's a great combination of Cycle, Arms and Abs. The class consists of 30 minutes on the bike, followed by 30 minutes of upper body weight training plus core conditioning.

  • Cycle-Express

    Our 45-minute version of our IF-Cycle Classes. All the benefits of indoor cycling for the time conscious consumer.



I'm 75 years old and have trained with Phil every Sunday since 2001. He's Professional and knowledgable. His facility is sterile and clean. He's an important asset in my team of chosen medical professionals.