• SNF-Xpress

    For the time conscious consumer, this is our 45 minute Strong-n-Firm Class!

  • Strong-n-Firm 2.0

    Our Extended Strong-n-Firm Class with extra cardio and Abs!

  • Sycle-n-TRX

    A 30/30 mix of Indoor Sycle and TRX!

  • Barre-Xpress

    A 45 minute mix of Barre and Pilates

  • Barre-n-Pilates

    This is a special 60 minute class of Barre and Pilates!!

  • Sycle/Sculpt-Xpress

    This is a 45 minute class that is a mix of Indoor Sycle and Strength Training. 20 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes strength training with weights, body bars and calisthenics, 5 minutes cool down and Stretch.

  • Sycle-Xpress

    This is a 45 minute Indoor Sycle Class. This Class is a great option for the time conscious consumer.

  • Sycle-n-Sculpt

    This class is our 30/30 mixer! 30 minutes of cycle cross training for cardiovascular conditioning and 30 minutes of strength training with weights, body bars, and calisthenics. Sycle-n-Sculpt offers the best of both worlds in one class; Improved cardiovascular capacity and increased muscular strength and endurance.

  • TRX-Strong

    A powerful combination of TRX and our signature STRONG AND FIRM class!

  • TRX-Xpress

    A 45 Minute version of our TRX in an EXPRESS DELIVERY!

  • Strong-n-Firm

    Strong-n-Firm is a 60 minute total body strength and conditioning class. It is focused strength training exercise with dumbbell weight and body bars.

  • SuperSycle

    SuperSycle classes are 60 minutes in length. You are energized by a black-lit setting to promote focus and music that takes you deep into an atmosphere of concentration.



"Superior individualized planning and supervision. They have always accommodated my risks for injury and helped me lose nearly 75 lbs!" Dorothy Kleinman - Exclusive+ Client since 2006
Plainview, New York  
Dorothy Kleinman - Exclusive+ Client; Member since 2006