Class Descriptions

  • Power-Firm

    A 45 minute mix of strength training and cardio.

  • Power 1/2 Hour Circuit

    A 30 minute Circuit Training Class.

  • Strong-n-Firm

    Strong-n-Firm is our proprietary strength and total body conditioning class.

  • Abs+Stretch

    Come Experience a fun way to target the Core!!

  • What is Queenax Functional Fitness??

    The Queenax is the world's most unique functional and suspension fitness training system!

  • Up Strength-Abs

    Up Strength is a Suspension FitnessTraining App with two independent straps or "ladders". This class will be a mix of Up Strength, Cardio and Abdominal Training. If you like TRX, then this is the class for you!!

  • Super Circuit

    Experience the Intelligent way to circuit training!

  • SuperFunctional-TRX

    This workout is a mix of SuperFunctional and TRX.

  • Cycle+Arms+Abs

    A 30/30 mix of Cycling, Arms and Abs!

  • Cycle-Xpress

    This is a 45 minute Indoor Cycling Class. This Class is a great option for the time conscious consumer.

  • Cycle-n-Strength

    This class is our 30/30 mixer! 30 minutes of cycle cross training for cardiovascular conditioning and 30 minutes of strength training with weights, body bars, and calisthenics. Cycle-n-Strength offers the best of both worlds in one class; Improved cardiovascular capacity and increased muscular strength and endurance.

  • IF-Cycle

    IF-Cycle is our 60 minute Indoor Cycling Class.



I hope you get the full appreciation you deserve. You guys are extremely aware and attentive to your clients which is not found anywhere else.  I wanted to thank you guys for your gym, having the best instructors, and all that you do.