Advisory Board

The Appointed Members’ Delegates

The members of Intelligent Fitness have an appointed delegation of 3 members that represent the membership body.  These officials – selected by the company President – are the eyes and ears of the membership collective and are ALSO members themselves.

They give the voice to a person who would rather remain anonymous.  They are your “point people” and are available to you if you have questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or other points of view that you would like to share.  They volunteer their time to improve our facility’s overall smooth operation and are ready to listen to you if you need.


Your appointed Delegates are:




The delegates are here to help and we are proud to work with this group of ladies to improve your experience every time you visit our facility.

Your points of view will always be shared when the delegation meets with the owners, but your identity (if you wish it,) will always remain anonymous.  You may find them amongst the club’s collective or you can email them directly at:



Mr. Kushner is the main advisor for Phil Sottile and Intelligent Fitness.  Messrs Kushner and Sottile have been long-time friends and colleagues since 1989. The two have a long-standing history; having formulated and worked in previous business ventures, attended the same high school and college, and both drafted many of the ideas and approaches implemented in Intelligent Fitness’ rollout and implementation of various fitness solutions.

Mr. Kushner is a co-founder of Prescription Exercise, LLC and is responsible for the company’s policies and procedures. He is a qualified, and certified, Clinical Exercise Physiologist who specializes in designing physical fitness and rehabilitation programs for a wide range of populations including patients with severe cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic disease. Mr. Kushner is an experienced director and manager of exercise and therapy facilities. His philosophy and methods are evidenced based and supported by scientific literature. This approach was developed while working as a research and teaching assistant in the human performance laboratory at Adelphi University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Mr. Kushner currently teaches several courses in the Fitness Specialist program at Suffolk County Community College. He has also taught Physiology of Exercise, Human Structure and Function, Nutrition, and Biomechanics at Dowling College. Prior to forming Prescription Exercise, LLC, he worked at OXYGYM for 9 years, a cardiac and respiratory therapy center.  Initially performing cardiopulmonary graded exercise tests utilizing a 12 lead EKG, he eventually became the director of rehabilitation and supervisor of the clinical staff. Prior to these experiences, Mr. Kushner was the director of sports fitness programs at the Rinx in Hauppauge for 10 years, where he trained professional and amateur athletes of all ages. During this time he consulted and instructed for several sports medicine facilities, working with a variety of populations including patients recovering from spinal surgery and other musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.


Dr. Jerome Kramer graduated from Tufts University in 1977. He received his degree in Optometry in 1981 from the State University of New York College of Optometry. Dr. Kramer is an esteemed Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.

He is a member and past President of the Nassau County Optometric Association, and a long-standing member of the American Optometric Association. Dr. Kramer is a world renowned expert in the fitting of specialty contact lenses with a special emphasis in keratoconus, irregular corneas, and post corneal transplants.

Dr. Kramer has been an Intelligent Fitness client for several years and works with Sottile as his wellness care facilitator. Dr. Kramer acts as a trusted advisor and sounding board to Phil Sottile, helping him to cultivate clear and concise strategies for corporate expansion, patient and client care, and internal management matters.

Dr. Ackerman is a trusted colleague and friend to Phil Sottile and Intelligent Fitness.  Active Chiropractic and Intelligent Fitness have been collaborating to improve the community’s wellness care through patient exchange and outreach programs since early 2016, have worked together to guide fitness and wellness consumers through educational seminars, and actively refer patients back and forth to each others’ practices.

Dr. Ackerman graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in Exercises Science in 2005.  His education included extensive intern experience working with numerous sports teams including an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

He went on to further his education at the Palmer College of Chiropractic graduating at the top of his class Suma Cum Laude – Valedictorian in March of 2009.

In addition to this, he was the president of the Motion Palpation club (which is the Chiropractic technique he uses presently) and also was presented the Marie Michael Memorial Award Scholarship for his outstanding academic achievements and contributions to his class.

After graduating Chiropractic School, Dr. Ackerman attained both his personal training and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist license from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

MITCHELL BERNER, CPA   Marino and Berner, CPA’s, LLP

Mitchell Berner has been the company’s corporate accountant and financial advisor since 2003.  Mr. Berner is intimately involved in all aspects of financial operations, planning, forecasting, and strategic direction of Intelligent Fitness.  Mr. Berner acts as the company’s chief counsel for corporate operations, guiding the company’s owners with 25 years of Financial, legal, and taxation experience.  Mr. Berner is a 1984 graduate of Hofstra University and trusted friend to the company’s owners.

"Not a one size fits all approach to fitness. Intelligent Fitness is not about 'the money'. Phil and Intelligent Fitness has been a part of my wellness formula since 2001!